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Sue Cable has worked extensively in the architecture and construction field with an emphasis in residential remodeling. She was a licensed architect who has owned her own architecture firm, and worked for several years as a construction manager for a residential general contractor. Sue knows homes inside and out. This is one of many assets that set Sue apart from most other real estate agents. She knows what it takes to make changes to a home, approximately what it costs, and if you will get your money's worth out of the house when it comes time to sell. Sue will use her overall vision and knowledge of houses to benefit her clients so they know the most they can prior to purchasing their home. Sue believes that it is important to work with each client personally. She listens to what you have to say, what your needs are, and works with those thoughts to make your real estate transaction the smoothest it can be. Sue feels it is important to create a comfortable, honest, relaxed environment for her clients. She believes that honesty and sharing of knowledge are the best basis for a good relationship. Her goal is not to just close the deal but to make sure that you are happy with the home that you are buying, or pleased with the sale of your house. She will be honest with you with respect to the pro's and con's for each property.

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